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Watermark Partner Community Grant Application

1. Applicant Details *This question is required.
How are you currently associated with Xylem?If you are a  Xylem employee applying on behalf of a partner, select how they are related to Xylem.
  • * This question is required.
This question requires a valid email address.
2. Non-Profit Organization *This question is required.
Click here to search our database of approved non-profits.
Be specific.  If funds should be disbursed to a regional or local branch, include the name of this branch.

Please note if you or any family members serve on the board of the organization
3. Main Contact at Non-Profit *This question is required.
$25,000 Maximum Per Grant
5. Programming Details
Provide a descriptive title for your grant application.
Describe the current need in the community, and how you will work with the non-profit to address this need.
When possible use metrics such as “Number of meals served” or “Number of people impacted”.
If employees will engage with this organization through volunteerism or fundraising, or will be beneficiaries of the services, please explain how.